Yellowbird (2014)

Yellowbird (2014)

Watch Yellowbird (2014) Online Full Movie.

Yellowbird is a timid bird that falls from his nest and looses his family. He befriends Ladybug who encourages him to break free and see the world. On his first venture out into the world, he meets Darius, a patriarch of a migratory bird family that is about to leave for winter migration to Africa. Darius dies, and it’s Yellowbird’s destiny to lead the flock to Africa for the winter. With the help of Darius’s charming daughter Delf, the group has an exciting adventure that sends them to Paris, Holland, and over the vast Ocean. In this exquisitely animated tale of bravery, independence and the true meaning of friendship, families everywhere will fall in love with Yellowbird.

Fayette and Roy are an elderly couple in a dysfunctional relationship. Roy is dependent on Fayette for the basics in life, such as cooking and cleaning, yet he is always yelling at her that she can’t even do these things right. To add what she considers a little sunshine in her life, Fayette buys a canary, which she initially hides from Roy. They Yellowbird will eventually fundamentally change the nature of Fayette and Roy’s relationship.

Fayette Colback has always been a dreamer, despite living a dull and oppressive existence with her controlling husband Roy. That is, until a chance encounter with a little Yellowbird turns both their lives upside-down. Inspired by new found joy, Fayette proves that change can occur with a little touch of magic and grave opportunity.

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