Barbie in Rock’n Royals

Barbie in Rock’n Royals

Watch Barbie in Rock’n Royals Online Full Movie.

On an island, there are two summer camps: Camp Royalty, for young royals; and Camp Pop, for young musicians. Princess Courtney accidentally goes to Camp Pop, and Erika Juno, a famous rock star, goes to Camp Royalty. Erika is heard singing by Lady Anne, the headmistress of Camp Royalty, and Lady Anne proposes a sing-off between the two camps to the head of Camp Pop, Finn Oxford. The losing camp would close for good, and the winning camp would gain their property. The judges for the sing-off were rock legend Allegra James, Prince Reginald of Thistlebrook, and Svetlana Petranova of Camp Arabesque.

The campers were unaware of the losing camp having to close until Erika overheard Lady Anne’s assistant, Clive, talking about it. Clive also said that he had bribed Svetlana to vote in favor of Camp Royalty. Being royalty himself, Prince Reginald would already be biased towards Camp Royalty, whereas Allegra would be biased towards Camp Pop as she is a musician.

Erika told Princess Courtney and the other campers that they could lose one camp, which made campers from both camps decide to perform together instead of competing. Allegra and Prince Reginald abstained from voting because of the change of circumstances, so Svetlana chose Camp Royalty as the winner. However, Finn and Lady Anne overrule the decision, having decided that rock and royalty can mix rather than oppose each other. They planned to merge the camp the following summer, and Erika and Princess Courtney formed a band with their friends called Rock ‘n Royals.

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