Bad Cat (2018)

Bad Cat (2018)

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The film starts in a bathroom, where Šero the cat is smoking and using the toilet, stalling his owner, Tonguc. Šero eventually finishes and heads outside to meet his friends, Rifiki the seagull and Riza the rat, who are preparing for a grand barbecue that night. The two are driven away by Tonguç’s violin playing, as Šero scolds him for it. He is then greeted by his friend Cemil, who informs him on a beautiful Siamese cat nearby that he has to see.

Šero and Cemil find the cat, named Pirta, who is playing with her owner, Çizer. When Çizer leaves for work, Šero and Cecil sneak into the house. When Šero tries to seduce the Pirta, however, she goes into a panic attack and ends up dying. Çizer then returns home and sees that Pirta has died. He finds Šero and Cemil still in his house and attacks them. Cemil is killed, angering Šero, who gets into a fight with Çizer that results in the two falling out the building. Çizer lands on the pavement hard, blowing his brain out, while Šero safely lands on his feet (as he is a cat) and walks away from the now-dead Çizer, whose face is frozen in a horrified glance.

Rifiki and Riza arrive home shortly before Šero, who meets an old man named Semistan upon approaching his apartment. Semistan has a surprise for Šero: a cat named Tacetin who claims he is Šero’s son. Šero does not care about Tacetin, and insults him by calling him human. Šero leaves an enraged Tacetin, steals some fish from Tonguç’s grandmother, and meets up with Rifiki and Riza and informs them of Cemil’s death, while frying the fish. He finds out that they didn’t get drinks and storms inside, after which Tacetin climbs onto the balcony, and Rifiki and Riza notice his resemblance to Šero.

Inside, Šero accidentally drinks water, and finds out that Tonguç has drunk all the booze. The two get into an argument, after which Tonguç puts his foot down and kicks Šero out of the apartment, calling him a ” bastard “. He announces that the two are moving, to different houses each, and goes inside, blocking every possible entrance from Šero, and throwing out some photos, including a picture seen earlier of Tonguç and a baby Šero with booze.

While smoking and sulking, Šero witnesses a beautiful Anagora cat being chased by some mean dogs. He races to the rescue and beats up the dogs.

At the same time, an ambulance is shown having picked up Çizer’s dead body, and they try to revive him. Çizer has a vision where he sees his beloved Pirta one final time, before being eaten by a giant Šhero. Çizer ends up being shocked back to life by the vision, and he takes over the ambulance and drives offscreen, preparing revenge on Šero.

The latter is shown finishing off one of the dogs, much to the Anagora cat’s, whose name is Misket, relief. Šero tries to make love with her, but she turns him down, demanding a date first. Her owner calls out to her. Misket says that it’s dinner time. Šero tries to move in on her one more time, and she kicks him in the privates and tells him to meet her that night at that exact spot before kissing him and leaving. Šero is overjoyed by the kiss, and is flooded with emotion, as vengeful Çizer is shown driving the ambulance through town again, searching for Šero.

Back at Semistan’s shop, Šero asks him for a present he can give to Misket. Semistan tells him to find a store where he can but flowers. Meanwhile, Tacetin digs around in a dumpster for food, attracting a young couple who take a picture of him and try to feed him, but Tacetin is instead attracted to the two dogs from earlier, who are grumbling about how Šero beat them both up. Tacetin follows them, and is almost run over by Çizer, who mistakes him for Šero. Tacetin escapes, and Çizer forces the dogs to help him find and kill Šero.

Šero finds a store with turkeys hanging in the window with flowers up their butts. He breaks in and steals all of the flowers. Later reaching the meeting area, he is quickly met and overwhelmed by Misket. Unfortunately, before they can make love, Šero is knocked out by an unseen person. He later comes to, tied up next to Misket, as the two are confronted by Çizer, who immediately abandons the dogs and tries to electrocute the cats. Luckily, Tacetin comes to the rescue. He frees Šero, who then fights Çizer and throws him off the building and into a dumpster, along with the dogs.

Just like last time, Šero doesn’t give Tacetin a second glance, instead trying to get back to Misket. Tacetin says he used to have a mom named Mimosa, whom Šero can’t seem to remember, but tells Tacetin to leave him alone and go back to her. Tacetin angrily reveals that his mom was killed via getting hit by a car, and storms off.

Meanwhile, a garbage truck arrives at the bottom of the building, and two men load a dumpster in it, not noticing Çizer is still in it. As the truck drives away, Çizer is almost crushed inside, but he grabs one of the men, pulls him inside the truck, and escapes.

Then, Tonguç is shown packing his things, despite Šero yelling at him from outside. Misket scolds Šero for not listening to Tacetin, who suddenly appears and punches Šero. The two are about to start a fight, but then Šero decides to use Tacetin to get some beer for dinner.

Šero lowers Tacetin down to Semistan’s shop in a basket so he can get some beer. Just as the mission is complete, Çizer drives by in the garbage truck, which he hijacked, and kidnaps Tacetin. As the two struggle in a fight, Šero chases after the garbage truck. Šero jumps onto a motorcycle and forces the driver to chase after Çizer. Šero successfully leaps on to the garbage truck, only for it to plunge into the sea, but not before Šero helps Tacetin to safety.

After a long underwater fight between Šero and Çizer, whom the feline presumably kills once more by shoving a beer bottle down his throat, Šero climbs to land, much to Tacetin’s joy. The two get a ride home by the same motorcycle man again, who drops them off at Semistan’s shop. Šero then discovers that his apartment is being blocked off by barbed wire. Šero looks for Misket, but can’t find her anywhere.

Back at the docks, a rescue team lifts Çizer’s dead body out of the ocean using a crane. Unfortunately, the crane accidentally rams Çizer’s body into some electrical wires, bringing him back to life yet again, and still wanting his revenge.

Later, while Šero is sitting on a rooftop, Rifiki and Rita fly by him and fly towards a restaurant in a tower. Riza sneaks inside to get some wine. When he gets it, he whistles for Rifiki, but he is busy catching up with another seagull. The chef catches Riza and tries to kill him with a broom, but Riza manages to escape, albeit the wine is destroyed. Riza yells at Rifiki for abandoning him and ends their partnership.

Šero and Tacetin wait for the two, and they finally return and explain the mishap to an angry Šero, who yells at them and then leaves them. Everyone sits on their own side of the roof, until Riza remembers how humans get what they want with money. He tells everyone this and they decide to go to the bank and steal money.

Riza sneaks into the bank through the sewers to opens the doors for Šero and Tacetin, and Rifiki keeps watch. Across the street, Çizer is shown being arrested, having gone insane. Inside the bank, a security guard uses the washroom and leaves just as Riza comes out of the toilet. While searching the bank, Riza runs into the security guard, who freaks out upon seeing the mouse and ends up knocking himself unconscious. Rita steals his keys and opens the bank doors. The trio walk through the bank and finds the vault where the money is. Tacetin gets the code right (1,2,3,4 ), and the vault opens, revealing the money.

Security footage catches the robbery, which is then broadcast over police car radios. Çizer overhears the mention of 2 cats on the scene and immediately breaks free of his handcuffs and strangles the policemen so he can go to the bank. Šero and Tacetin quickly load up on money and head for the door, but Rifiki informs them of incoming cops. Rifiki flew for the toilet so he can escape. Since Šero and Tacetin are too big for the toilet, they decide to exit through the side window, where Çizer arrives in the police car and sees them.

Šero and Tacetin hide behind a building. Riza rises from a pothole and orders the cats to get to the roof of the bank, where they can escape. Çizer kills the cops so he can kill Šero himself, but one of the cops survives and shoots Riza. Rifiki sees this and rescues Riza, and is shot in the wing by the cop before landing on a rooftop. Meanwhile, Šero and Tacetin make it to the roof and search for a way out. They try to go back the way they came, but their exit is blocked by Çizer, who now has a gun and tries to shoot Šero and Tacetin. They hide behind an object, and when Çizer tries to catch them, they are not there. He looks over the edge of the roof, which is where the felines are hiding. Šero swings up and grabs Çizer’s leg, causing him to fall and land on the roof of a car, shooting one bullet into the air. The bullet flys at Šero, but Tacetin leaps in the way and is shot instead.

Šero catches his son before he falls. Çizer passes out, and the police order the cats to leave the roof. Šero tries to get Tacetin to show signs of life, and is heartbroken when there is no response. Realizing that the money caused all this, Šero angrily gives it all back to the bank by throwing it off the roof, and it is eagerly collected by passerby. Šero walks through it all, carrying a presumably dead Tacetin.

Tonguç is then shown angrily driving down the road, and suddenly stops in front of an unfazed Šero, who explains what happened to Tacetin. Tonguç tries to help, but the vet is closed, so Šero and Tonguç bring Tacetin back to their old apartment, where Rifiki and a healed Riza meet them. Misket watches the whole thing from another rooftop, but is scared by an unseen person that sneaks up on her.

Tonguç and Šero try to revive Tacetin, but it’s no use. Šero goes crazy and slams his fist on Taceti’s stomach, miraculously bringing him back to life, much to everyone’s joy. Tonguç’s grandmother then enters and takes Šero’s last bit of money from the bank. She uses it to pay off everyone for Tonguç and asks what they should do with the last dollar.

The gang ends up having the huge barbecue they were awaiting since the beginning of the movie. Everyone comes, from Tacetin to Tonguç’s grandmother. Šero, however, is sad that Misket could not make it. Suddenly, a platform rises in front of everyone Misket tied to Semistan’s cylinders. Çizer, of course, is revealed to have been responsible, and threatens to blow up the cylinders, which would kill everyone, including himself.

Having had enough with Çizer, Šero lunges at him and attacks him, brutally beating him up. Tonguç joins in, resulting in an epic beatdown during which Šero and Tonguç punch Çizer in the face back and forth to each other, ending with Tonguç grabbing Çizer by the neck, smashing him on the ground, spinning him around, and throwing him off the building. Çizer lands in a dumpster for the second time, and while climbing out, is crushed to death by Semistan’s cylinders, which Tonguç and Šero dump on him. Finally, Šero smokes a cigarette and flicks it in the dumpster, causing it to explode, creating a massive fireworks show, and finally killing Çizer, ending his insane reign of terror.

Šero and Misket watch the fireworks, and then confess their love for each other. They then have sex, and end up bouncing across the world as the credits roll.

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